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Our mascot Epke

Epke is our mascot and comes to watch and/or play in various activities. He lives opposite the canteen in his little house. Epke also has a mailbox where he likes to receive mail from you. So if you have a letter or a nice drawing for Epke, put it in his mailbox!

Epke came to live at the campsite because he had been wandering around for a while. Once when we met Epke in the woods on a rainy day, he was deeply saddened: he had no home and didn't have many friends. The campsite manager asked him if he wanted to come and live at the campsite, but he had to do something in return, like helping with activities, playing with the children and especially having fun.

After sleeping in the camping boss' house for a while, the camping boss got tired of him. He had brought so many branches and acorns and pine cones to the house of the camping boss that it was high time he went to live on his own. Now he lives opposite the canteen in his little house.

Come visit him, give him a hug or dance with him to his own song! Always wanted a cuddly toy from Epke? There are now Epke cuddly toys available at the reception. This way you will always have Epke close to you.

Every season there are fun activities organized by Epke? Curious about the activities during your vacation?

Check them out here!

Eurocamping Vessem Epke